Blacks gave up on Obama?

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Earlier today “African Americans”  were trending on Twitter. Of couse I went in and  investigated as to why African Americans were up for discussion today.  What I found was constant retweets of

 ” 90% of African american people said free weezy but only 4.7% of African Americans voted! #notgoodatall!”

The tweets also included , “African Americans should not  complain since they did not vote”

 “African Americans need to do better”

 “African Americans didn’t vote  because a rapper didn’t tell them to.”  ect

Soon as I saw those tweets my first thought was “Where are the sources!  Show me the numbers!”

4.7% Really??? Not for one second did I believe that percentage considering the source was from a Radio Station -_-.

First off why were blacks singled out? Obama and his party represent Democratic  Americans not just “African-Americans” and honestly when I vote I put “other” because I AM NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN.

Secondly those numbers were created to degrade the “African American Community” in order to keep us fighting amongst our selves.

It’s called sloppy media reporting!  In the end all it does is divide the country. What the fuck  heck is a “black vote” compared to any another vote!  When Bush won office TWICE wasn’t nobody checking for black votes.  A Democratic vote is a Democratic vote. Why must I be reminded every single day that im Black?  Apparently my vote even has a race.

In addition to that, those numbers were  created to imply that if Blacks do not support Obama then why should any body else? Obama stopped  playing the race card a while ago so to me he’s just another president.. not a black president..but a president.

Any who in actuality according to CBS

“About 90 million people voted in this election. If 10% of them were black, that makes 9 million. Nine million is 34% of 26.5 million [the number of eligible Black voters].”

Even that percentage may not be totally accurate just yet but it makes far more sense the 4.7 reports that:


Their calculations were made from official numbers given by Dr. Michael McDonald on a George Mason Universities website

Student Activist’s number of 90 million being 38% of the overall 236,842,000 eligible voters was calculated before the percentage of voter turnout was adjusted upward by Dr. McDonald based on new information from a few states’ election commissions.

Now the calculation of total people who voted is now 41.5%. So that’s .415 * 236,842,000 = 98,289,430 of total voters for November 2, 2010 elections.

Applying CBS’ study that 10% of all voters were Black, the calculation is .10 * 98,289,430 = 9,828,943 approximate Black voters.

9,828,943 black voters divide by 26.5 million eligible black voters = a 37% Black voter turnout, which is only 4.5% less than the 41.5% average for the country as a whole.

Well there you have it! There was actually an estimated  %37 Black Voter Turn Out 


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