Ras-B Exposes Music Industry?

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

You might have heard about the on again molestation accusations against Chris Stokes/Marques Houston .

One again Ras-B is claiming  that he was molested when he was in his early teens by his manager Chris Stokes  and peer Marques Houston. Rather then seek legal action Ras-B has expressed himself  through a series of youtube videos and interviews.

Has Ras-b taken it to far?? Hellz YES!!!

I believe his molestation stories but  in his last radio interview with “Charlamagne Tha God” he puts his foot in his mouth!

He said that Lil Fizz and Bow Wow  used to date and that Lil Fizz was the first to mess with Marques Houston.

Regardless if this is true or not Ras-B has no right to get others involved who  do not wish to get involved.  Ever heard the saying “Speak for yourself” ?  

At this point I think he is reckless and should seek help.   He seems like he might self destruct at any minute.

Bow Wow was not happy about this and tweeted

  • That last tweet is for the radio nigga who brought my name up tryna start sumn in an interview. @cthagod you my nigga but ya man is a bitch.
  •    Leave that funny shit over there nigga. I dont know you for u to be speaking my name. keep my fucking name out yo mouth u hoe ass nigga. 

    Whats crazy is I’ve been hearing about all of these rumors since I was younger and I wasn’t even checking for celebrity gossip back then! Is their some truth to it? Likely.. is Ras-B going about it professionally ? Nope!

    2 Reasons Why People will doubt his story

    1. He’s promoting  his new album

    2. He seems unstable in his videos which might be used against him

    Pray for this kid.


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