TI GOES BACK TO JAIL / Releases New Music Video

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Mr. Ti goes back to his second home jail.  Of course he left us something to remember him by, a new video that is.

 “Get Back Up” featuring Chris Brown.

hmmm Sounds like  “Dead and Gone” Part 2 to me

I’m not going to judge him because I really don’t care how he spends his time..

I will judge all the celebrities as a whole that are wrapped in drugs and other illegal activities.  I don’t live in their shoes, but if I  had the chance to live my dreams by no means would I be taking drugs and no way would I be locked up in any place besides my mansion.  I would be so high off life that nothing else could compensate for the luxury of living.

Having fame and wealth is a privilege that too many take for granted. If you dont value your career why should I?


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