Rats-No-Stacks (Kat Stacks) Is Locked UP

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Rats N0- Stacks is locked up!  Not sure how much yappin she can do behind bars.  The girl we love to hate is in jail due to some immigration  speculation issues. She was taken in by police in Tennessee on Thursday around 5pm. Soon as they saw her foreign passport they began questioning her.  What made the police approach her in the  first place?? That information has not been released yet. She’s been there for over 24 hours with no bail option.   The Venezuelan native might be sent back. *waves*  She does have a child that was born here so maybe that will help her case? I’m not sure how the immigration laws work but they are not playing any games!  Grab your kids, grab you wife cause Immigration is coming to GET YOU!


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