I love this lady. Her is name  Pink!  She is Bomb.com! I’ve  been in love with her music/persona for years ! I think she’s my internal alter ego. She so unique! Her music is  rebellious yet it makes sense. I think she’s underrated, she always gets over looked  by pop stars such as Britney Spears.    She is better than them!!  She”s so real I can totally  hear her emotions in her voice , her music never lets me down. Gurrl long as you keep making music I”LL BE LISTENING!

We all have  days, sometimes weeks even months when we are  down on ourselves. Sometimes I find myself being my own worst enemy. Some days I just want to live in a bubble.

Her latest song “FUKIN PERFECT ” speaks to my soul

Pretty, pretty please
Don’t you ever, ever feel
Like your less than
Fuckin’ perfect
Pretty, pretty please
If you ever, ever feel
Like your nothing

                                                                                                 You’re fuckin’ perfect to me



I aint thinkin About You!

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Bow Wow  makes a come back with his pal Chris Brown . The song is cute its  definitely something to jam to while cruising. I prefer the original version on the  Fan of Fan Mix Tape.

I like the video ..it actually  has a story line.  Chris Brown is def back.. I feel like your destiny is  written when you are born..and he was destined to be an entertainer not even a bad relationship could ruin that.

In my crystal I see this song  being a hit on 106 and Park.

Sidenote : Lmao at that half step proposal! Bow Wow you could have proposed better than that! #Cmonson


Mr. Ti goes back to his second home jail.  Of course he left us something to remember him by, a new video that is.

 “Get Back Up” featuring Chris Brown.

hmmm Sounds like  “Dead and Gone” Part 2 to me

I’m not going to judge him because I really don’t care how he spends his time..

I will judge all the celebrities as a whole that are wrapped in drugs and other illegal activities.  I don’t live in their shoes, but if I  had the chance to live my dreams by no means would I be taking drugs and no way would I be locked up in any place besides my mansion.  I would be so high off life that nothing else could compensate for the luxury of living.

Having fame and wealth is a privilege that too many take for granted. If you dont value your career why should I?

HMMM..    This ratchet couple did an exclusive interview with Life &Style claiming that they are broke.com

I’m not  sure if  I believe them they are known for being  attention media hores. Any who according to their  interview they blew 10million$ and are 2 million$ behind in taxes.

So how does one blow 10million dollars??  For one Heidi has gotten countless numbers of  plastic surgery procedures just to end up looking  even more average than she did before.

Spencer says ”

“In hindsight, we shouldn’t have spent any money. We should have been low-key and saved … I’ve looked into bankruptcy and unemployment checks.” 

Was Spencer ever employed!? SMH

Sounds like a ploy to get a new reality show. I only watched the Hills to stare at Brody ( because he is fine).  Never was I checking for  Dumb and Dumber.

What really happened is Heidi thought that getting all that plastic surgery  would enhance her celebrity and book her more roles .. Guess what honey?  It was a failed investment.

I don’t believe them.  For starters, they definitely got paid for that interview.

Earlier today “African Americans”  were trending on Twitter. Of couse I went in and  investigated as to why African Americans were up for discussion today.  What I found was constant retweets of

 ” 90% of African american people said free weezy but only 4.7% of African Americans voted! #notgoodatall!”

The tweets also included , “African Americans should not  complain since they did not vote”

 “African Americans need to do better”

 “African Americans didn’t vote  because a rapper didn’t tell them to.”  ect

Soon as I saw those tweets my first thought was “Where are the sources!  Show me the numbers!”

4.7% Really??? Not for one second did I believe that percentage considering the source was from a Radio Station -_-.

First off why were blacks singled out? Obama and his party represent Democratic  Americans not just “African-Americans” and honestly when I vote I put “other” because I AM NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN.

Secondly those numbers were created to degrade the “African American Community” in order to keep us fighting amongst our selves.

It’s called sloppy media reporting!  In the end all it does is divide the country. What the fuck  heck is a “black vote” compared to any another vote!  When Bush won office TWICE wasn’t nobody checking for black votes.  A Democratic vote is a Democratic vote. Why must I be reminded every single day that im Black?  Apparently my vote even has a race.

In addition to that, those numbers were  created to imply that if Blacks do not support Obama then why should any body else? Obama stopped  playing the race card a while ago so to me he’s just another president.. not a black president..but a president.

Any who in actuality according to CBS

“About 90 million people voted in this election. If 10% of them were black, that makes 9 million. Nine million is 34% of 26.5 million [the number of eligible Black voters].”

Even that percentage may not be totally accurate just yet but it makes far more sense the 4.7 

Studentactivism.net reports that:


Their calculations were made from official numbers given by Dr. Michael McDonald on a George Mason Universities website

Student Activist’s number of 90 million being 38% of the overall 236,842,000 eligible voters was calculated before the percentage of voter turnout was adjusted upward by Dr. McDonald based on new information from a few states’ election commissions.

Now the calculation of total people who voted is now 41.5%. So that’s .415 * 236,842,000 = 98,289,430 of total voters for November 2, 2010 elections.

Applying CBS’ study that 10% of all voters were Black, the calculation is .10 * 98,289,430 = 9,828,943 approximate Black voters.

9,828,943 black voters divide by 26.5 million eligible black voters = a 37% Black voter turnout, which is only 4.5% less than the 41.5% average for the country as a whole.

Well there you have it! There was actually an estimated  %37 Black Voter Turn Out 

Talor Swift’s latest  album  SPEAK NOW is the truth! Its  been on replay for the past two days. Not to mention she already sold 100 million copies!  I wanted to find out what all the hype was about.  I must say she is a genuine artist. She writes her own music and it is not in autotune!!  That’s saying alot! I just love how her songs are about things that go on in her life. It’s  like a musical  diary ,and who doesnt enjoy reading someone elses diary?!  My favorite so far is ” Dear John”  when I first heard and the read the lyrics I was like WOW! She like stole a page from my love life. Except mine would be titled Dear Reuben.   Does that mean I  like country music? Cause I love this album.  She’s more of a pop country artist. 

Side Note: She sounds very broken hearted?  the beautiful ones usually are..sigh…  Anywho  go check her out!

Rumors have been speculating that Kanye and Jay-Z (amongst others) have taken a step into the dark side. Words like ( Satanist, devil Worshipper, Illuminati, Free Mason ect) have been associated with these two. These rumors have not come out of now where and for a while now Kanye and Jay-z have played into these rumors lyrically and in some of their recent videos.

But has it gotten out hand? Looks like so .. apparently after Kanye West has won the love of his fans back he took to his twitter and made a joke of the whole situation

“What’s better for devil worshipping Iphone or the Droid… Does lucifer return text… is he or she on Skype? Don’t wanna be sexist ”

” Question… can you devil worship on the new iphone??? LOL!!! ”

” Is illuminati and devil worshipping like the same thing… do they have a social network that celebs can sign up for? ”

” I’ve got question about “the illuminati” … what is it exactly ???… and why do people think pop stars have a membership???!!! LOL ”

I guess when all fails just Play Clueless?? Thats what I do whenever I get pulled over “No officer I had no idea I was doing 70 on a 25″  ” Huh? I was texting and driving?? I was simply looking at directions officer” “Gasp! my left tail gate is out??? NO WAYYY!” – _ –

Anwho I guess those ‘All back Everthing” days are over , even Rihanna has traded in her emo look for a more colorful wardrobe. 

In addittion to that according to famed author and occult expert Mitch Horowitz,” Jay Z is not an occult member, but an imagery genius.” We’ll there you have it people!

Side note – I deleted the video on my youtube AlishaBratzS show  youtube.com/AlishaBratzShow  titled “Kanye West Sold his soul to the Devil” – that video was hit on youtube with almost 100,000 views. I had no idea it would spread so fast. After seeing Kanye doing damage control I decided I did not want to be part of the rumor . Youtube is a public website and he probably saw the video. He did infact say in a rap song that “he sold his soul to the devil” , perhaps it was just a metaphor? In the video I simply delivered that fact that it was said. Anywho the topic was so controversial that I even received death threats but I dont wish to comment on that. Anywho , my most popular video has been deleted.

Kanye West is like a “GOD” to many of his fans , and I’ll leave it at that. RESPECT YOUR MASTA!